Sweet16 V2

Soldering & assembly tips

  • Solder paste works great for the SMD components
  • The rotary encoder needs to go in first before placing the key plate down
  • Test each key after soldering the whole thing and re-flow joints or add solder if the key is not working
  • Use a toothbrush with IPA to clean the flux off the board after each step


The SMD RGB LEDs are all blinking like crazy in red and green. I had to turn them off. I'm not sure what I did wrong or if it's a firmware issue.


I used an Elite Pi with the QMK firmware.

Helpful things for my Krita layout

  • Most of what I need are Basic Keycodes
  • Modifier Keys for things like undo and redo
  • I made a utility/switcher layer similar to how I configure my Moonlander. Pushing the rotary encoder is TO(1), and on layer 1, the top row of keys is for switching apps. The macropad defaults to Krita.
  • The bottom-right key on the macropad is QK_BOOT. Press and hold to get the RPi 2040 to bootloader mode.

Krita custom keys

  • Q - Quick Palette
  • Ctrl-Shit-M - Freehand Select

Rotary Encoder

I have a rotary encoder on the right side of the keyboard, If you're using encoder_map, it's the second encoder in the struct.