MiSTer FPGA Emulation System


Get the last core you used to autoboot after a few seconds

# /media/fat/linux/MiSTer.ini


The MiSTer comes with a minimal Linux OS. Hit F9 at the main menu to get to a prompt. Log in as root with the password 1.

Utilities included

Ones that are useful for moving ROMS off of a network server:

  • Midnight Commander: mc
  • ssh
    • The rsync on here requires -zz if you want to use compression

For mounting some systems' drives to modify them:

losetup -Pf /path/to/drive/img
mount /dev/loop1p1 /mnt

Drive mounts

The MiSTer will mount the SD card in the DE-10 as /media/fat and everything else as /media/usb#. When running a core, the MiSTer will walk through the drives in fatusb# order, looking for the first games/? directory that matches when displaying a filelist. /media/fat also contains the MiSTer OS stuff in the linux folder, and that will be replaced whenever the OS updates.

Core networking

The Commodore Amiga and AO486 can handle networking.

  • Network side
    • Assign two static IP addresses to your MiSTer
      • Use one for normal MiSTer networking
      • Save the other one for PPP
  • MiSTer side
    • Edit /media/linux/ppp-options
      • At the bottom of the file, add <ip address for normal networking>:<ip address for PPP>
    • Ensure the core has UART set to PPP
  • Core side
    • When setting up PPP, use the PPP address as your address

Ref: https://boogermann.github.io/Bible_MiSTer/getting-started/network/internet-supported-cores/